Game of Dog Bones


Twenty-fifth in the Melanie Travis Mystery Series

Available in hardcover and ebook on June 30, 2020

Standard Poodle owner Melanie Travis is an excellent judge of dogs—and people. But what happens when an unnamed killer emerges at one of the fiercest all-breed competitions ever?...

Howloween Murder


Twenty-sixth in the Melanie Travis Mystery Series

As the town of Greenwich, Connecticut, counts down to a spooky celebration on October 31st, a horrifying murder leaves Melanie Travis pawing for clues in a hair-raising game of trick-or-treat...

Bite Club


Twenty-third in the Melanie Travis Mystery Series

Available in hardcover and ebook on June 25, 2019

Melanie Travis’s new book club caters to readers craving fiction—with bite! But when a real-life murder case bares its fangs, she’ll need to swap dog-eared novels for a lengthy suspect list...



Fifth in the Melanie Travis Mystery Series

Hardcover ISBN: 1-57566-350-3

Paperback ISBN: 1-57566-472-0

It's autumn in Connecticut. Melanie Travis has just started a new job, and with the added excitement of showing her standard poodle, Faith, in the fall shows, the last thing she wants is to become embroiled in yet another of her brother Frank's moneymaking schemes. His current brainstorm -- remaking an old store in stylish suburban Fairfield County into a trendy coffee bar -- already has the neighbors snarling. Worse, wealthy Marcus Rattigan, who's bankrolling the project, is found murdered on the premises, and the police think Frank did it.

Dear Readers,

The Melanie Travis mystery series is coming back! You have no idea how excited I am to be able to share that news, and I hope you’re as happy about its return as I am.

In the same way that Melanie often finds that an everyday life filled with kids, dogs, and eccentric relatives gets in the way of her ability to chase down clues and solve mysteries, so did the demands of real life intrude on my… Read more »