Peg and Rose Solve a Murder


In the world of award-winning author Laurien Berenson’s Melanie Travis Canine Mysteries, Peg Turnbull and Rose Donovan, Melanie’s chalk-and-cheese aunts, are especially beloved by readers. Now feisty Peg and sweet-natured Rose are putting their distinct differences to good use and joining forces as senior sleuths in a witty, warmhearted new mystery series . . .

Show Me the Bunny


Melanie Travis is gifted at raising prize-winning Standard Poodles, not standing in as the Easter Bunny. But when March in Connecticut brings daffodils and dead bodies, she’ll need to hop into action—and fast…

Pup Fiction


Twenty-seventh in the Melanie Travis Mystery Series

Available in hardcover and ebook on June 2021

With a new litter of Standard Poodles on the way, it’s shaping up to be a vibrant July in Greenwich, Connecticut, for Melanie Travis. Too bad there’s a killer in town who would love to drain the life out of her summer...

Game of Dog Bones


Twenty-fifth in the Melanie Travis Mystery Series

Available in hardcover and ebook on June 30, 2020

Standard Poodle owner Melanie Travis is an excellent judge of dogs—and people. But what happens when an unnamed killer emerges at one of the fiercest all-breed competitions ever?...

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Dear Readers,

For years Melanie Travis has starred in her own mystery series, with Aunt Peg hovering–not altogether quietly–in the background. Eager to share her opinions and dispense advice, Peg has always grabbed center stage whenever she’s had the chance. Now I’m delighted to announce that she’ll have the opportunity to be totally in charge when she gets her own mystery to solve.

At long last, Peg will have everything her own way. Or will she?

Rose Donovan is Peg’s sister-in-law. She’s been a thorn in Peg’s side for forty years. But somehow, when Rose decides to join a local bridge club, she can’t think of anyone she’d rather have as her partner than Peg. Apart, these two women can be difficult. Together, they’re more trouble than a sack of cats. Perhaps it’s no surprise that when a member of the bridge club is murdered, Peg and Rose are named as suspects.

I had a great time writing PEG AND ROSE SOLVE A MURDER. Peg has been a voice inside my head for so long that I loved being able to finally let her out to do her own thing. I hope you’ll give her book a try. Otherwise Peg will never let you hear the end of it—and trust me, nobody wants that.

Happy reading!

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